Sexy Succubus

Hey guys! I wanted to show off one of my favorites from a shoot I had yesterday.  I got the chance to work with a model that doesn't live here! She lives all the way in Ecuador, but grew up here in the twin cities. 

I wanted to show off some of the beautiful images that were created whilst collaborating with these two awesome artists. 

Check them out if you need a makeup artist and magical hair person for you next project.

Bevie Roberts and Jessica Karnis

I had a two light set up. One beauty dish in front and above the model and one rim light coming in behind her. I found some smoke bombs that we lit and circled around the model Taylor Skye. I had a red gel over the rim light to produce the red highlights and to make the appearance of the smoke being red vs white. 

1/160 F5 ISO 100 and shot with my 50mm Sigma Art