Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you’re looking for answers to questions, here they lie.

How do I get started? Congratulations – you're either writing or finishing up on your book! Visit the portfolio page to see examples of my work to be sure I can fit your style of genre. Once you've looked over the portfolio and you're ready to find out more, fill out the contact form for pricing and turn around time. The form gives us the information needed to design your cover and recommend certain package directions. When you’ve completed the form, we'll be in contact with you for further instructions.

How far out do I need to book for my cover? We’re usually booked out at least three months in advance, and lately we've been booked out as long as four-six months. We’re a small studio (one designer and an admin), so it’s best to get in touch as early as possible. Never be afraid to reach out at any time though, we do have a waiting list & often have random slots open up last minute! What genre do you work with? Currently, I work in all genres and am happy to take on all challenges.

What type of information is needed from me to start my design? Typical information we need is: 1. The genre of your book. 2. Is the book a series? 3. Do you have a pinterest board for you book/series? 4. What are some of your favorite covers from your genre? 5. Your Pen Name? 6. Final Synopsis 7. Special Scenes, Symbols or Colors We do send out homework for each book to have on file for your reserved date/time.

What happens once I’m happy with the cover? Once you’re 100% satisfied with your print or Ebook cover design, we will invoice you for the remaining 50% balance. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive the final high resolution files ready to use. Print covers are delivered as print-ready PDFs ready to upload to your printer of choice (once ready to print, this is typically done after Ebook files are delivered). Ebook covers are sent as high resolution JPEGs. If you need any other specific sizes for different distributors, we will accommodate those requests.

Who should I credit? All designs should be credited as such: Cover Design by: Regina Wamba of if images are provided from MaeIDesign's stock gallery, credit should be: Cover and Image by: Regina Wamba of

Can I supply an image for the cover? Yes. However, the image needs to be high enough resolution (at least 300dpi ) and you must own the rights to use the image, or get permission to use an image from a photographer with model and photographer release form. Supplying your own image does not change any package fees.

What does the fee NOT include? The design fee does not include the rights to any of the draft or final designs provided. Essentially when a cover is complete, MaeIDesign allows a lifetime usage of the art to promote & sell your book.

Do you accept paypal? Yes I do, but specifically for clients in various countries. Please specify if you'll be needing a PayPal invoice.

Does the PRINT cover package include a back and spine design? Yes it does.

Can I design an EBOOK cover now and a PRINT cover later? Yes. The Ebook cover is initially created in high resolution format that is also suitable for print. Should you choose to convert your Ebook cover to a print cover at a later date, you can simply upgrade to a print package for an additional $125.